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Remix the Ship

We are SUPER-EXCITED to share details of our upcoming Remix event at HMS Belfast – this will be a bit more like the Museomix you think you know but with some creative tweaks that come from the feedback we’ve had from the community.

May 26th – 28th
Open day on May 29th


Open Community Lab

Who are we?

OPEN COMMUNITY LAB (OCL) is a community of experts in their field who offer an intervention to areas where there is a customer experience. Recent projects have included museum displays and the ambition is to also work with health sector and projects involving young people.

The community is composed of technologists, designers, marketers,historians, curators, programmers and project specialists. they are experienced in their fields and each event involves a different team make up ensuring innovative ideas and free thinking in high tech products or low tech craftwork.

Making our own community

Future of MuseomixUK

Broad Background

Since last year, we wanted to expand MuseomixUK Community to expand our horizon into non-museums and what we can do internally as a community. To achieve this, we wanted to make our own community, keeping some of the Museomix ethos but adding our own personality and ethos to the mix.  


Expand ethos behind our community to other areas (along with museums and art galleries) such as NHS, care homes, dementia, arthritis, homeless, young people, libraries with the understanding that we are not in it for the money – we’re in it for the sharing, learning, caring.  

To ensure our community is able to fulfill our mission* we will organize workshops and learning days to allow for continued professional development (CPD) within our skillsets.

*mission to be created



  • Why: why are we doing this?
  • What: Mission station
  • How: How will we do the why and what


  • First Step: Name – We need to name our Community (See Survey)
    • Mission Statement
    • Articles of Association
    • Plan – Guidance to what we want to work on
    • Who – Setting up the Roles/Responsibilities (Suggestions for each role needed)
      • Director/Chair
        • Finance
          • Fundraiser
        • Logistics
        • Tech/R&D
        • Communication
        • Outreach
      • Secretary
    • How – Gameplan for how to implement the plan

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